Thank you, Louise, for the lovely award.

~ Thanks to my cousin, Margaret Barnet, here is a list of my ancestors.

Robert Tomkyns 1275 of Herefordshire, England

Thomas Tomkyns 1305- of Herefordshire, England

William Tomkyns 1340-1398 of Herefordshire, England

William Tomkyns 1370-1450 of London, England.

Thomas Tomkyns 1410-1450 of Mannington, Norfolk, England

William Tomkyns 1440-1502 of Mannington, Norfolk, England

James Tomkyns 1490-1561 of Mornington and Webley, England. He married Margaret Ketlesby

John Tomkyns 1540-

Ralph Tomkins 1585-1666 (They seem to have changed the spelling of their name) He married Katherine Foster. They lived in Edlesborough, Buckinghamshire and emigrated to New England in 1635 on the ship, Truelove. They lived in Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.

Micah Tomkins 1615-1690 His wife's name was Mary but there is no other record. They emigrated in 1639. They and Micah's father, Ralph were among the founders of Milford, New Haven, CT.

Micah Tomkins II 1659- He lived in Newark, NJ. Records of his marriage and death were destroyed in a church fire.

John Tomkins -1764 He married Rebecca Roberts and lived in Liningston,NJ.

Jedediah Tomkins 1736-1816 He married Martha Barnett

Joseph Tomkins 1753-1832 He fought in the Revolutionary War. He married Martha Campbell

They seem to have changed the spelling of their name to Tompkins.

Nathaniel Tompkins 1789-1860 He married Nancy Bedford. He was a first cousin of Daniel Tompkins, who was governor of New York and vice president under James Monroe.

William Allen Tompkins 1812-1890 He married Rebecca Vaughn. They moved from New Jersey to Illinois in a covered wagon in 1845 and lived in Piasa, IL.

Ann Bedford Tompkins 1835-1920 She married Lucian Charles Marratt Clower. He lived in Sangamon county, IL and was well acquainted with Abraham Lincoln for whom he had profound regard and employed Mr. Lincoln as his attorney. He moved to Shipman IL. the same year that Lincoln went to Washington as president.

George Howell Clower 1855-1939 He married Fannie Idabelle Roady

Rolla Nathaniel Clower 1885-1974 He married Mary Ann Hunt. They lived in Alton, IL.

Me! Dorothy Viola Clower 1929 I married Gary Nathan Longfellow. We live in San Diego, CA.

I'll leave it for some of our kids to carry on with this.

~ Thanks to my husband, Gary,

we are on a lot of magazine covers.
It's nice to be distinguished!


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